As any of my former kindergarten students will tell you, because has long been my favorite word. 

Add it to the end of almost any simple sentence and it instantly unlocks a new idea and a string of words that weren't there before. 

You like purple? Why purple? You want to play for the Red Sox? How come? Why not the Yankees? Why not the Bruins or the Pats?

Because makes writing juicier. It nudges young authors to pour an extra measure of themselves onto the pages in front of them and helps them internalize a new standard for the level of detail to include in their work.

Because opens the floodgates to more.  

Beyond its merits as a teaching tool, the name 'because' is also a nod to the common thread running through my portfolio of otherwise disparate projects. It's my way of saying that I'm on the lookout for initiatives that are falling short of their potential social or personal impact.

Sometimes that means unearthing good intentions that have gotten lost in haphazard strategy and inefficient execution; sometimes it's about taking smart design to the next level by connecting it with a second bottom line. 

Whether it's a matter of reengineering a dysfunctional process or crafting a new cross-sector partnership, I get a kick out of proving that a smarter, more meaningful way of doing things is well within reach.

Sharp ops, compelling strategy and plenty of hustle - Let's make it count. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Elyse McNett Goonan, Founder

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